The Rein Policy Framework for the Semantic Web*

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Rein (pronounced rain) is a framework for representing and reasoning over policies in the Semantic Web. Rein (Rei and N3) uses high level Rei concepts for policies and N3 rules to connect these policies to each other and the Web. Rein includes an ontology (N3, RDF) for describing how resources, policies, policy languages, and meta policies are related to each other. When described using the Rein ontology, these entities form Rein policy networks. The Rein engine, a set of N3 rules, reasons over these Rein policy networks to verify whether a request made for a resource within the network is valid. A request includes the authentication properties of the user and the URI of the resource.

Overview :


  1. Download cwm from the public w3c CVS repository
  2. Install cwm
  3. The Rein reasoning engine can be run off the web


Rei - An owl-based policy language for Distributed Environments
N3 - Notation3 - Design Issues article
N3 Rules - Experience with N3 rules
Cwm - A general purpose reasoner for the Semantic Web

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*This work is sponsored by the National Science Foundation (Awards 0427275 and 0524481).