Tabulator developers

These are all detailed in the tabulator data of course. People work on all kinds of things, but here are the general areas. (The links from the names are to them as people, not pages. You will need Tablator or another linked data browser to follow them)


José Cruz

Anna Holt-Gosselin

Charles McKenzie

Joe Presbery

In spring 2009, Joe made apache modules to implement the WebId (foaf+ssl) authentication and simple web-based accesss control ontology autorization. Joe is around this summer though he has a job at a local startup.

Sean Robertson

Sophia Yakoubov



Kenny Lu

Kenny joined eth tabulator team in 2007, and was responsible for the making the outline mdoe into an editor. He has worked on many aspects of the code since, and fixed bugs and added various new features.


Joe Presbery

Joe joined in summer of 2007. He did the protocol backend in which SPARQL update or N3 diff updates sent back to a server, and the server changes the underlying data.

Oshani Seneviratne

Oshani is usingthe Tabulator as a platform for research in accountable systems. Sh


In 2007, the goal was to make the tabulator into a two-way read/write tool, alloing RDF data to be entered and correcetd just as easily as it is browsed.

Jim Hollenbach


Jim was then in his second summer on the Tabulator team. He was now responsible for coordination and releases, and helping others get up to speed. He was also resonsible for the Firefox Extension port. Jim was resposible for the map view in 2006. He also worked on the fraemwork for multiple queries per view.

David Li


David was looking at editing in forms: correcting cells and adding and deleting rows.

Yushin Chen


"Joyce" made the calendar views, and incorporated te simle timeline.

Lydia Chilton


Lydia was working on statistical analysis, charts, etc.

Ruth Dhanaraj

Ruth worked on the Tabulator in January 2006, adding the assynchronous fetching of dcouemnts during queries, etc.

Adam Lerer


Adam worked on the backend -- the query system, and generic stuff around the query UI. He implemented SPARQL protol as a internal layer and as an expternal protoccol.

David Sheets

David wrote the RDF parser, and did a lot of architecture and release engineering. He also installed the bug tracker.



Tim Berners-Lee

The Tabulator was Tim's idea and he coded up the original version at odd times in November and December 2005. See Links on the Semantic Web from Dec 2005

Tabulator Alumns

We are always happy for tabulator team people to come back and give us a hand - or just drop in and say Hi!