Tabulator map view

The map view is a tabbed view that can be used to display geographical data on a Google Mashup in the tabulator. The following is a brief tutorial using a sample data set of photos coupled with geographical data.

  1. Start with the development version of the tabulator.
    • Never used the Tabulator before? Check the help file for instructions on changing your about:config settings in Firefox.
  2. First, you'll need to pick out some data to look at. Open up "The Tabulator Project", and go into "TAGMobile road trip...". You should get this.:
    add to outliner screenshot, before

    Now, double click on the word "ColorPicture" to refocus on the ColorPictures in this dataset. You should see this open up below:

    add to outliner screenshot, after
  3. Now open up, open up its approxLocation property, and alt-click (ctrl-shift-click for x-window users) on latitude and longitude to highlight both of them.
    item screenshot
    Activate the Map tab by clicking on its name in the list of tabs.
    refocus screenshot
  4. Finally, hit "Find all". A map should appear and results should begin to trickle in.
    table screenshot
  5. That's all there is to it! Clicking on a point will show an info bubble displaying the image associated with it and its latitude / longitude.
    table screenshot