RDFParser Unit Tests

RDFParser can be unit tested using jsUnit. To run the automated unit tests against RDFParser, do the following:

  1. SVN checkout the 0.7 release from the repository.
  2. Download the RDF/XML test cases.
  3. Expand the test cases in a directory called 'rdf-tests' under the 'test' directory of your checked-out repository.
  4. Open 'test/jsunit/testRunner.html' and then point it at 'test/rdf/rdfparser.test.html'.
  5. You should see the test cases run. If you turn on tracing, you will get a popup window with informational messages.
In Tabulator release 0.7, the parser passes all the test cases but jsUnit will still show errors. If you look at the traces, you will see that the errors are only related to XML serialization and BNode naming.