Problem Sets for 6.898 Fall 2007 Course

Problem Set 1

Assigned: 12 Sep 2007
Due: 19 Sep 2007
Develop a FOAF (Friend Of A Friend) file for yourself. Add links to the foaf files of the students in class, Chris (foaf), and Lalana (foaf). Browse through your foaf file using the Tabulator. Put your foaf file online and email us the link.

List of FOAF files

  • I. Shauni Deshmukh
  • Shirley S. Fung
  • Chris Hanson
  • Lalana Kagal
  • Ted Taiho Kang
  • Shekhar Krishnan
  • Abdulrahman Tarbzouni
  • Oshani Wasana Seneviratne

  • Problem Set 2

    Assigned: 19 Sep 2007
    Due: 26 Sep 2007
    Add to your foaf file "knows" links to some subset of people in the class. Write an AIR policy consisting of one or more rules to calculate the transitive closure of "knows" i.e. to calculate the degree of separation between any two people in class. We do not expect you the validate the rules against the AIR rule engine. Please email your rules to us by 3.00pm on the 26th.
    Clarification: We did not mean that the rules should "calculate" the degree of separation but meant that they should that figure out whether two foaf:Persons are related.

    Problem Set 3

    Assigned: 26 Sep 2007
    Due: 3 Oct 2007
    You will be assigned a policy language from the list below. Read its papers/specifications. One reference for the policy language is provided but you can refer to other papers as well. After reading 1 or more papers (i) write a para or two about the language - what are its features, does it handle policy conflicts or allow any kind of policy analysis, can it be used for enforcement and/or accountability, can it be used to define policies over domain knowlegde in RDF, and compare it to AIR, (ii) Assuming that the domain/background knowledge is already specified, define as much of the following policy as possible using the language - students are not allowed to view prox card data unless they are authorized by MIT to use it or if they are using it for criminal investigation.

    Problem Set 4

    Assigned: 10 Oct 2007
    Due: 17 Oct 2007
    Rewrite the foaf:knows rules you wrote for Problem Set 2 using goal rules. For examples of goal rules, see base-rules.ttl.

    Problem Set 5

    Assigned: 17 Oct 2007
    Due: 24 Oct 2007
    Project proposal

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