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Assynchronous Javascript and XML RDF
The Tabulator AJAX Library

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Tabulator people

Tim Berners-Lee

Tim coded up the original version at odd times in November and December 2005. See Links on the Semantic Web from Dec 2005

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) over June-August 2006:

Yushin Chen

"Joyce" wrote the calendar views, and incorporated the Simle timeline.


Lydia Chilton

Lydia is working on statistical analysis, charts, etc.


Ruth Dhanaraj

Ruth worked on the Tabulator in January 2006, adding the asynchronous fetching of documents during queries, etc.

Adam Lerer

Adam works on the back-end -- the query system, and generic stuff around the query UI. He implemented SPARQL protocol as a internal layer and as an external protocol.


Jim Hollenbach

Jim is responsible for the map view. He also worked on the framework for multiple queries per view.


David Sheets

David wrote the RDF parser, and does a lot of architecture and release engineering. He also installed the bug tracker.


Thanks also to Dan Connolly and Ralph Swick for co-supervising students and for ideas, support, testing and encouragement. In collaboration with Nokia under the SwapMe project. Thanks to MIT UROP funding, CSAIL UROP funding, and DIG funding.


(All addressed in detail later)

When you use these techniques on the server, the tabulator works better.
We will cover most of these in more details.

AJAR Library

Lookup Algorithm

Conventions - should the whole set be a standard?


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