How to setup a SPARQL update server

Requirement (for this tutorial):

A Web space served by Apache where PHP can be run, where RewriteRule is available in .htaccess of your directory. You must have the path of your directory (in order to execute command-lines), but you don't have to have full access to the server.

Step by Step:

  1. Download this package.
  2. Extract the package to your Web directory. The directory perl contains Algae, which executes SPARQL queries. The directory wiki serves as the gateway to your wiki space, and it contains .htaccess. The binary algae is a utility executable to run Algae. Move things around if you feel like to do so.
  3. Create two directories (should not be in wiki or anywhere in your Web space) wiki-data, where rdf data of your wiki is stored, and wiki-log, where logs are stored.
  4. Modify:
    1. 2 places in algae
    2. 1 place in wiki/_post.php
    3. 5 places in wiki/_util.php
    4. 1 place in wiki/.htaccess
  5. Done. Remember to give the server appropriate access to the files.