IARPA Test Plan Meeting

2 Mar 2010


Jie Bao, Ian Jacobi, Lalana Kagal, Ankesh Khandelwal, Mike Speciner
Lalana Kagal


ankesh: http://tw.rpi.edu/proj/tami/Query_Policy_Assurance_Exam_1

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lkagal: - test harness: (i) accept user input of USER SELECT and EXECUTE, (ii) translate SELECT to RDF, (iii) store SELECT in triple store, (iv) call AIR reasoner with the SELECT query and the appropriate policy, (v) display results of the AIR reasoner.
... - choose and install triple store

baojie: http://jena.sourceforge.net/TDB/

lkagal: maybe TDB or 4store

baojie: http://4store.org/

lkagal: Questions: how many policies, how many queries per session/user, we don't support NL policies

oshani: My vote is on 4store!

lkagal: Oshani, I installed Ubuntu 8.04 on the server.

oshani: okay

lkagal: - I'll check with IARPA if we can use 9.01 (is that the version) instead for ease of installing 4store

oshani: lkagal, I hope that 4store installer will work on 8.04. Worst come worse, you can always compile and install from the source -- which is not really a big deal.

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lkagal: This is what IARPA says
... We create one file for each user, containing the user's policy in plain
... text. For example, if we have a user bsmith, file "bsmith.policy" might
... contain the following two lines:
... The user may not retrieve Ethnicity.
... The user may not filter based on Ethnicity.
... All of these files would be loaded in before the start of test execution, at
... the same time as the Knowledge Base is loaded.
... Maybe modify to "USER bsmith POLICY pol1 pol2"

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lkagal: - not going to make changes to the sparql builtins of reasoner, test harness will insert queries into triplestore (if at all required).

ankesh: D2RQ specs - http://www4.wiwiss.fu-berlin.de/bizer/d2rq/spec/

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ankesh: two attribute values having different literal representation can be considered to be different, unless KB say o/w.

lkagal: the sql translator doesn't not translate literals, the reasoner handles the literals. Ex: select * where city=troy. The translator sends the rdf version of the query with "troy" as the literal and the reasoner figures out all the troys this literal could mean and checks them all.
... IARPA test: Apr 20-22 - MIT CSAIL - Cambridge, MA

ankesh: http://tw.rpi.edu/proj/tami/AIR_Language_Formalization

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

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