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Trying out the annotator

By James Hollenbach

When you select an entry with shift+click, it should pop up a comment window at the right! Additionally, when you shift+click on a link like this link to the CORS specification you can write comments about the resources that are being linked to!

Currently, when a new comment is created, it uses an access control rule that prevents any future edits to the comment. So try not to say anything you wouldn't want your mother reading. In the near future, I will be adding in a feature that gives users a little more control over who can see their comments (this kind of control is actually already supported by the backend library).

Finally, you can use a SPARQL query to obtain all of the comment data. The SPARQL endpoint itself supports CORS, so you could even actually use the exact same code a this page does to embed the very same comment data on your own Website. If you use Firefox or Safari, you could even post new comments to the store! (IE8 is almost there, but unfortunately doesn't support certificates with CORS, preventing the use of FOAF+SSL for cross-origin requests).

Bogus filler text

By James Hollenbach

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