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Fourth Semantic Web Career Mentoring Lunch

14 November, 2012


In its fourth year, the Mentoring Lunch at the International Semantic Web Conference brings together graduate students and early-career researchers with researchers and faculty for a lively discussion and question-answering session on a variety of topics. If you are a PhD student, a postdoc, or have just started an independent research career and would like to get advice on any of the round-table topics listed below, please join us at the specially designated tables during the lunch break on Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 at 12.30pm in Room Whitier on the 4th floor of the Terrace Room in the Lower Lobby of the Park Plaza. The mentors are all volunteers from the speakers, chairs, and other senior participants at the conference.

If you would like to get advice from mentors on some of the topics below, please sign up for lunch and answer a few quick questions that would help us with the organization of the lunch. The first 50 people to sign up will be automatically added to the list of attendees, the rest will be put on the waiting list (we are limited by the room capacity and by the number of mentors).

While we are organizing only the mentoring lunch, we expect that some of you might want to have a more sustained relationship with the mentors and we invite you to ask the mentors at lunch about such a possibility.


  • Graduate Students
    • Is grad school right for you ?
    • How to pick the right research area ?
    • Publishing. How important is it for your PhD ? When is your story ready to be published? Which journals and conferences to try? Who should be involved in writing the paper, and who should be coauthors?
    • How to handle problems with your advisor or colleagues
  • Early Career researchers
    • After your Ph.D. – what comes next? Choice between postdoc, faculty position, jobs outside academia.
    • Starting your own lab: where and how (tenured/fellowship/Grant) and other issues.
    • Preparing for tenure/promotion
    • Raising kids while pursuing an academic career
    • Publishing. How important is it for your career? When is your story ready to be published? Which journals and conferences to try? Who should be involved in writing the paper, and who should be coauthors?

If you have questions and suggestions, please feel free to send email to one of the organizers.


Harith Alani, The Open University, United Kingdom
Lora Aroyo, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Avi Bernstein, University of Zurich
Carole Goble, The University of Manchester
Mark Greaves, Vulcan Inc
David Karger, MIT
Jeff Heflin, Lehigh University
Michael Hausenblas, DERI
Jim Hendler, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Mark Musen, Stanford University
Sheila McIlraith, University of Toronto
Peter Mika, Yahoo! Research
Enrico Motta, The Open University
Jay Myers, Best Buy
Guus Schreiber, VU University Amsterdam
Jamie Taylor, Metaweb Technologies
Chris Welty, IBM


Diana Maynard, University of Sheffield, UK
Natasha Noy, Stanford University, US
Lalana Kagal, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US

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