TAMI/End-to-End Semantic Accountability

Face-to-Face Meeting

12 February 2008
9:30am - 6pm

Possible National Security Scenario for Discussion

K. Krasnow Waterman


We have a research grant from IARPA -- Intelligence AdvancedResearch Projects Activity -- and we are to produce a privacy accountability scenario relevant to the Intelligence Community. Jim Hendler suggested we consider the current controversy surrounding NSA telephone surveillance practices during a six year period between 9/11 and August 2007. The exact details are not known because some of the relevant information is classified. The NSA has historically focused on "foreign intelligence" and the controversy is in response to the disclosure that the NSA surveilled telephone and internet communications to, from, or through the United States. Much of the controversy is about which rules applied to each situation and, therefore, whether the NSA was in compliance or in violation. Clearly, this controversy is both of interest to the IC and directly addresses the topic of privacy accountability.

For more information, see Wikipedia entry on NSA controversy.

Known Rules

NSA webpage excerpts:

Possible Scenarios

The following scenarios are likely familiar - conflicting rules, outside data sources, fruit of the poisonous tree. Also, to be considered are the identities of the requestors. A judge, a plaintiff's attorney, and a federal agency's Inspector General will likely have different authorities.

K. Krasnow Waterman
12 February 2008