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21 May 2008

Possible Fusion Center Scenario for Discussion

K. Krasnow Waterman


We have a research grant from IARPA -- Intelligence AdvancedResearch Projects Activity -- and we are to produce a privacy accountability scenario relevant to the Intelligence Community.

During multiple meetings with potential government users, they raised the following subjects as of interest in a future scenario:

Possible Scenario

This scenario is a fictional compilation of a number of US and foreign news events:

Private data: A man in a vehicle was observed apparently taking photographs of security guards at a private nuclear power plant. One of the security guards took photographs of the man and his car and turned them over to the local police. The photographs provide a clear picture of the vehicle and its license plate, but a blurry photo of the man.

State data: The local police looked up the license plate and then ran the owner's name in NCIC; the owner was a twice-convicted arsonist. The local police then looked up the owner's drivers license. Because the security guard photo was blurry it was not possible to match the drivers license photo; however, there was nothing in the drivers license photo that ruled out a match. The local police opened a criminal case investigation and created an ISE-SAR with all of the above information. The ISE-SAR is available to other local and federal agencies through the Central Florida Intelligence Exchange (CFIX).

Federal data: An FBI analyst


Some differences


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K. Krasnow Waterman
21 May 2008