Permit - must Permit - may Prohibit - must Prohibit - may Noun Verb Noun Modifier Noun Verb Noun Modifier Noun Verb Noun Rule name No name Legal cite URL Note
X Anyone Access Record FL Sunshine Law 119.01(1) Florida Statutes
X If Record owned by government
X and Government is Florida
X and Government is state
X or Government is county
X or Government is municipality
X Includes Record is digital 119.01(2)(a) Florida Statutes
X except record is confidential
X or exempt
X except access authorized by law
X or access is unreasonable
X Record custodian must grant access 119.07(1)(a) Florida Statutes Needed? Custodian delegating authority to system?
X and access is view Define: access
X and/or access is copy Define: access
X and anyone is requestor Define: anyone
X and scheduled access time is reasonable