Published a SORN

including Routine Use notices

for the Terrorism Screening Center (TSC)

at 70 FR 43715



is the owner of

a System of Records

called "Terrorist Screening Records System" ("TSRS")

or "FBI-0019"

Data-Category is


a. known or suspected terrorists

# "known or appropriately suspected to be or have been engaged in conduct constituting, in preparation for, in aid of, or related to terrorism"

b. possible identity match

to a known or suspected terrorist;

c. misidentifiedpersons

# "repeatedly misidentified as a possible identity match to a known or suspected terrorist"

d. Subject of terrorist watchlist-related redress inquiry


a. Identifying information about an individual, such as


date of birth

place of birth



drivers license information

other identifying particulars

# used to compare the identity of an individual being screened with a known or suspected terrorist;

b. Information about encounters with individuals covered by this system, such as



screening agency


results (positive or negative identity match)

agencies notified and details of any law enforcement orother operational response, for terrorist encounters only

c. For known or suspected terrorists,

references to and/or information from

other government law enforcement and intelligence databases;

d. For misidentified persons,

additional identifying information tp be used during screening only for the purpose of distinguishing them from

a known or suspected terrorist who has similar identifying characteristics (such as name, date of birth, etc.)

e. For redress inquiries,

information provided by individuals or their representatives,

information provided by the screening agency,

internal work papers and other documents

related to researching and resolving the inquiry.

Data-Source is

individuals covered by the system

public sources

agencies conducting terrorist screening

law enforcement and intelligence agency record systems

government databases

state, local, territorial, and tribal governments

foreign governments

Authorized purpose is

homeland security: counterterrorism

homeland security: law enforcement

homeland security: public safety

terrorism screening

law enforcement: counterterrorism

government administration: de-duplication

government administration: data correction


All FBI Blanket Routine Uses (BRUs)

#Listed in FBI SORN (published on June 22, 2001 at 66 FR 33558 and amended on February 14, 2005 at 70 FR 7513)

# FYI, explicitly states that the additional RUs (below) are limited "to the extent such disclosures are compatible with the purpose for which the

# information was collected"


RU-2 data-recipient

Federal agencies

RU-2 data-category is

#not stated

RU-2 authorized-purpose

to provide support toTSC for purposes of ensuring the continuity of TSC operations


RU-3 data-recipient

Federal, State, local, tribal, territorial, foreign,multinational or other public agencies or entities

entitiesregulated by any such agency or entity

owners/operators of critical infrastructure and their agents, contractors or representatives

RU-3 data-category is

#not stated

RU-3 authorized-purpose

terrorist screening

intelligence: counterterrorism

# "to provide appropriate notifications of a positive terrorist encounter or a threat related to the encounter"

law enforcement: counterterrorism

first response: counterterrorism

# "to facilitate any appropriate law enforcement or other response (e.g., medical and containment response to a biological hazard)

# to a terrorist encounter or a threat related to the encounter"

government administration: data correction

# "to assist persons repeatedly misidentified during a screening process"


RU-4 data-recipient

any individual, organization, or governmental entity

RU-4 data-category is

# not stated

RU -4 authorized-purpose

homeland security: public safety

# "to notify them of a serious terrorist threat for the purpose of guarding against or responding to such a threat"


RU-5 data-recipient

Federal, State, local, tribal, territorial, foreign, or multinational agencies or entities

organizations engaged in terrorist screening, if authorized by the U.S. Government

organizations planning to engage in terrorist screening, if authorized by the U.S. Government

RU-5 data-category is

#not stated

whenever possible, TSC will substitute de-identified data

RU-5 authorized-purpose

government administration: information technology development

# "for the purpose of the development, testing, or modification of information technology systems used or intended to be used during or in support of the

screening process"


RU-6 data-recipient

Federal, State, local, tribal, territorial, foreign, or multinational agencies or entities

RU-6 data-category is

#not stated

RU-6 authorized-purpose

law enforcement: counterterrorism

intelligence: counterterrorism

homeland security: counterterrorism

#" to assist in coordination of terrorist threat awareness, assessment, analysis or response"


RU-7 data-recipient

any person or entity

#"in either the public or private sector,domestic or foreign"

RU-7 data-category is

#not stated

RU-7 authorized-purpose

any authorized purpose, such as

government administration: data integrity

government administration: data de-duplication

#""where reasonably necessary to elicit information or cooperation from the recipient for use by the TSC in the performance of an authorized function,

# such as obtaining information from data sources as to the thoroughness, accuracy, currency, or reliability of the data provided

# so that the TSC may review the quality and integrity of its records for quality assurance or redress purposes,

# and may also assist persons repeatedly misidentified during a screening process."

# "in order to facilitate TSC's or the recipient's review, maintenance, and correction of TSC data for quality assurance or redress purposes,

# and to assist persons repeatedly misidentified during a screening process"


RU-8 data-recipient

any agency, organization or individual

RU-8 data-category is

#not stated

RU-8 authorized-purpose

authorized audit or oversight operations and related reporting

of the DOJ, FBI, TSC, or any agency engaged in or providing information used for terrorist screening that is supported by the TSC


RU-9 data-recipient

former employee

former detailee

former contractor

RU-9 data-category is

#not stated

RU-9 authorized-purpose

responding to an official inquiry by a federal, state, or local government entity or professional licensing authority,

in accordance with any applicable government regulations;

or facilitating communications with a former employee/contractor that may be necessary for personnel-related or

other official purposes where the TSC requires information and/or consultation assistance from the former employee/contractor regarding a

matter within that person's former area of responsibility.


RU-10 data-recipient

any criminal, civil, or regulatory law enforcement authority

RU-10 data-category is

#not stated

RU-10 authorized-purpose

law enforcement responsibility of recipient

(whether federal, state, local, territorial, tribal, multinational or foreign)


RU-11 data-recipient

government entity

RU-1 data-category is

#not stated

RU -1 authorized-purpose

law enforcement

law enforcement intelligence

national security intelligence

RU exception:

RU exception data-recipient

Not to to consumer reporting agencies