SORN 3 (US Marshal)

US Marshal

Published a SORN

including Routine Use notices

at 64 FR 60832


US Marshal

is the owner of

a System of Records

called "Warrant Information Network" ("WIN")

or "USM-007"

Data-Category is


a) subjects - of Federal warrants;

b) subjects - of state or local warrants if part of a USMS sponsored multi-agency task force; and

c) sources - associates who may provide information, assistance or leads in USMS fugitive investigations.


a) information related to the warrant, including


issuing Federal district,

nature of the offense,

investigative notes;

b) information related to subjects, including

biographical data,

physical description, and

criminal history, and

their association with other individuals, dangerous gangs, extremist groups, or other organizations;

c) information on associates including

physical description,


numerical identifiers,

addresses, and

driver's license information; and

investigative information furnished by

other Federal, State or local law enforcement or

other government agencies and

non-government sources.

d) warrant and

other court records and internal correspondence related to the warrant;


wanted flyers/posters and

e) investigative reports reflecting

patterns of activity,

leads developed and

statements of witnesses and other persons cooperating with USMS fugitive investigations.

f) Investigative reports and criminal record information

from other Federal, State, local and foreign law enforcement agencies

participating in or cooperating with USMS fugitive investigations and apprehension efforts

# KKW suggests f) is the appropriate category for the transfer to USMS in this scenario

Data-Source is


Federal, State, local and foreign law enforcement agencies,

public and private organizations,


informants, and

other persons interviewed during the course of the fugitive investigation.

Authorized purpose is

Government administration: law enforcement

# "The USMS is responsible for ensuring the effective operation of the judicial system through the execution of Federal arrest warrants,

parole violator warrants, Federal custodial and extradition warrants, and for investigating fugitive matters, domestic and foreign, involving escaped federal

prisoners, and probation, parole, mandatory release, and bond default violators. The WIN system facilitates the efficient management and administration of

USMS fugitive investigations through the collection, flow, analysis, dissemination and maintenance of records and information necessary to accomplish

this mission."


RU-1 data-recipient

public and private organizations,

individuals, and

Federal, State, local and foreign agencies

RU-1 data-category is

#not stated

to the extent necessary

RU -1 authorized-purpose

law enforcement

# "to obtain information or cooperation in USMS fugitive investigations and apprehension efforts"


RU-2 data-recipient

Federal, State, local or foreign law enforcement agency

RU-2 data-category is

information is relevant tothe recipient's function

RU-2 authorized-purpose

investigating, prosecuting, enforcing, defending, or implementing a statute, rule; regulation


RU-3 data-recipient

Federal, State or local law enforcement agency

RU-3 data-category is

#any relevant record?

RU -3 authorized-purpose

indication of an actual or potential violation of civil or criminal laws, statutes, rules, or regulations within the jurisdiction of the recipient agency

#this is a spontaneous transmission from USMS out to another agency


RU-4 data-recipient

court or adjudicative body

#K note: It's unclear whether other litigants are included

RU-4 data-category is

records determined to be arguably relevant to litigation

RU-4 authorized-purpose

relevant to litigation in which:

the USMS is authorized to appear

the USMS has an interest

relevant to litigation involving:

any USMS employee in his or her official capacity

any USMS employee in his or her individual capacity, if DOJ agrees to represent the employee;

#can't just say DOJ represents the employee. Sometimes, DOJ agrees but employee chooses private counsel

United States, if USMS determines that the litigation is likely to affect it or any of its subdivisions.


RU-5 data-recipient

news media and the public

# pursuant to 28 CFR 50.2


RU-5 data-category is

#any relevant record?

RU-5 authorized-purpose

#k to look up


unwarranted invasion of personal privacy

BRU-6 data-recipient is

Member of Congress

person on Member's staff

BRU-6 data-category is

record about an individual

BRU-6 authorized-purpose is

direct representation of the individual who is the subject of the record

#"when the request is made on behalf and at the request of the individual who is the subject of the record"RU-6


BRU-7 data-recipient is

National Archives (also called "NARA")

General Services Administration (also called "GSA")

BRU-7 data-category is

any data

BRU-7 authorized-purpose is

records management

BRU-8 legal-authority is

44 USC 2904


44 USC 2906