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Go-Karting rush tainted by lack of OpenID for bug reporting about hypertext editing

Submitted by connolly on Sat, 2005-12-03 12:56. :: |

Go-Kart medal ceremony I'm writing to my brother about go-karting in Montreal last night, but OS X Mail editor doesn't grok hypertext. I'm tired of in-your-face URIs and poor-man's hypertext. The thunderbird editor groks hypertext but doesn't know that integrity is job one. I really should check that this bug is reported and report it if not, but I don't want to manage yet another bugzilla account. Oh for OpenID in bugzilla! I also want to make sure the lack of "treat this as plain text" in firefox is a reported bug.

GRDDL transform wanted: National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)

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Via Karen in the TAMI project, I gather last month the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security announced the result of an XML collaboration - version 0.1 of the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) which will be used for law enforcement, emergency management, etc. communities and the parties who exchange information with them.

I hope to check it out. Better yet... I hope somebody else checks it out and writes a GRDDL transformation.

a fly-by of XACML

Submitted by connolly on Mon, 2005-11-28 11:45. ::

Somebody listed SAML+XACML as an access control model, and I asked for a summary, as contrasted with the unix user/group/world model. The summary was, XACML is an access control rules language; you can write rules about access and credentials. So I'm taking a look at XACML

ugh... urn:oasis:names:tc:xacml:2.0:policy

xacml TC in OASIS

XACML 2.0 spec (PDF)

section 3.3 Policy language model looks nice... it's a UML diagram; pretty straightforwardly translated to OWL

reading the XACML spec... typical XML-base spec... table of contents enumerates the syntactic elements. semantics isn't visible from TOC

ah... semantics is found in section 7. Functional requirements

Ray Ozzie's take on diff/sync

Submitted by connolly on Mon, 2005-11-21 17:33. ::

Shortly after I started at Microsoft, I had the opportunity to meet with the people behind Exchange, Outlook, MSN, Windows Mobile, Messenger, Communicator, and more. We brainstormed about this “meshed world” and how we might best serve it - a world where each of these products and others’ products could both manage these objects and synchronize each others’ changes.

-- Ray Ozzie

The model behind SSE is pretty straightforward; to sychronize data across multiple sources, each end point provides a feed and the subscribes to the feeds provided by the other end point(s).

-- Dare

Seems a lot like the Peer-peer update and sync section of the RDF Delta paper.

sorry about overriding your font size

Submitted by connolly on Mon, 2005-11-21 16:31. ::

The drupal theme we're using is XHTML-happy, but doesn't know that it's rude to change the font size of body text. Anybody wanna clue me in on how to fix it? update: seems somebody fixed it. I wonder how. It seems like all the fonts got bigger, not just the main body text.

SKOS, SIOC, and drupal taxonomy

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I've been playing around with the drupal taxonomy module. Why doesn't XML2005 show up under conferences?

I wonder how to export the results as SKOS.
(see earlier noodling with SKOS)

I found the SIOC schema... it seems to create aliases for several widely-known terms. Ugh. I wonder why. update... the SIOC folks are aware of this and are discussing the relationship with foaf and skos. And it uses multiple domains as if the meaning was the disjunction, despite resolution of the issue of What should the semantics of multiple domain and range properties be?

RDF Calendar, GRDDL, Microformats, and all that at XML2005 in Atlanta

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My talk was:

I unfortunately didn't leave any time for questions, but I had some interesting follow-up conversations:

  • Somebody asked about using GRDDL and RDF to track relationships between specs, products that support them, and all that. I recalled that when the folks that run the OASIS standards registry contacted W3C, we told them we prefer a more decentralized approach: each organization publishes stuff about their own standards, in RDF, and anybody can aggregate it. TimBL's roadmap diagrams show one approach. It is somewhat bit-rotten, but we have an automated system in production for publishing basic title/author/date/version metadata about our specs and we're adding more stuff over time; e.g. which WG produced the spec (for patent policy reasons), comment due dates, etc. I told him this had come up in spec-prod; while I'm happy for the discussion to go there, my impression that it had come up there before was wrong. I hope to organize my thoughts on this near NormativeReferences in the QA/ESW wiki and re-kindle discussion in spec-prod or qa-ig.
  • At lunch, somebody brought up my slide about email headers in RDF and asked if thunderbird has RDF support like mozilla and firefox. I don't know, but I hope to find out. DanBri? Anyone?

On the non-technical front, jamming with Len Bullard was a blast. We had a fascinating discussion of DRM and the recording industry where I relayed AaronSw's viewpoint that any model based on scarcity is uninteresting. Len says Prince is no longer independent, which contradicts the impression I got from studying Prince in Wikipedia recently. Len says the big customer ripie for SemWeb technology is transit, at least as much as intelligence. Gotta look into that.

Later in the evening Len brought out a fake book and Tony and Lauren and Eve and John sang and I tried to accompany them on Len's guitar. I was having so much fun that I raised a sizeable blood-blister on my strumming hand before I noticed. I think we did OK with Annie's Song as well as mangling lots of Beatles and such.

Then Len took the guitar and Eve asked him to play Angel from Montgomery by Bonnie Raitt. When he said he didn't know it, I was able to use my sidekick to find chords and lyrics and since it was your basic three chord number, he picked it up in no time.

As to the conference program...

Tue 15 Nov

Wed 16 Nov

Thu 17 Nov

U.S. papertrail: the federal register

Submitted by connolly on Thu, 2005-11-03 15:42. ::

In the TAMI project, K is giving us clues about how the U.S. federal government works. She told us a bit about the federal register. It seems to be one of the main PaperTrails of the U.S. government; reminds me of an item about learning about the Hansard at XTech.

tags pending: TAMI? transparent datamining?

XHTML for computer science research papers and bibliographies

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In a PAW project discussion of writing assignments for WWW2006, KR, etc., I asked that we use XHTML rather than LaTeX to collaborate on the papers.

The WWW2006 deadline is too soon to make the transition, but I took the source of one of the papers in development and translated it to XHTML in order to test my Transforming XHTML to LaTeX and BibTeX tools. Since the tools have only been tested on one project, of course they needed some tweaks. And they'll need some more for figures.

But I'm hopeful that it'll be cost-effective to do things this way.

Meanwhile, there's a cite-formats discussion in the microformat community. My work includes a microformat for bibliography stuff. I haven't figured out URIs for the properties nor converted it to RDF just yet, like I did for my old index of URI schemes and like we did for automating publication of W3C tech reports.

presented Issues in Semantic Web Logic to 6.898

Submitted by connolly on Tue, 2005-11-01 15:53. :: | |

I recently took a turn leading discussion in the Notions & Notations class; I presented Issues in Semantic Web Logic, a hasty set of slides based on one of TimBL's DesignIssues notes, The Semantic Web as a language of logic. I expected that the idea of dropping the law of excluded middle in order to deal with self-reference paradoxes (liar's paradox, Russel's paradox, ...) would be controversial. It wasn't at all, to this audience. Hmm... See also: LogicalReflection wiki topic.

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