Drupal upgrade

Submitted by ryanlee on Fri, 2006-12-01 21:15. ::

I've upgraded the Drupal installation so we can use the OpenID module. A few things learned in the process:

  • The Drupal upgrade path requires incremental steps; to go from one minor version to another two numbers way means upgrading through every intermediate minor version until reaching the target. Earlier versions fail to be useful in 'knowing' which data model version the system is at, so an upgrade meant importing / guessing / dropping and repeating the cycle until I hit on the right one, which in itself was not an easy state to assess.
  • The module administration page loads every module, which can cause memory issues resulting in a blank page. Removing unnecessary, unused modules helps.
  • The JanRain OpenID 1.2.0 pear installation fails to install itself properly, requiring the moving of directories post-install.
  • The OpenID module does not respect settings on account creation. I wrote some code to fix this.

But we're now at the latest Drupal version; and more on OpenID later.

Addendum: And apparently I needed to enable the legacy module. Thanks to those who pointed out the symptoms. 'I' in this case is solely Ryan, not Tim, Dan, or anybody else; send any of your issues with the upgrade my way.