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I’ve spent the last eleven weeks working on the Obama-Biden Transition Project with the Technology Innovation and Government Reform (a.k.a TIGR) policy group and have now finished. It’s been an great experience and tremendous honor to be able to work on a wide range of technology policy issues with such a talented, disciplined and dedicated group of people. Knowing that President Obama is now in the White House and getting to participate in the inaugural festivities was a great way to cap this all off.

What was extraordinary about the Technology and Innovation policy group was that it existed at all. This presidential transition, as others in the past, had to do a thorough review of issues and challenges in all of the Federal agencies, select senior personnel to fill Cabinet and White House positions, and prepare strategies for meeting key policy challenges and campaign commitments: health care reform, economic recovery, national security, foreign policy, etc. While Internet technology and innovation issues have been on the radar screen for nearly 20 years, this was that first Presidential campaign and the first Presidential Transition Team to give tech policy issues high profile attention.

Now I’m going to take a few days off, try to catch up on old email, and look forward to returning to my research and teaching at MIT at the beginning of February.