Give yourself a URI

Submitted by timbl on Wed, 2006-01-25 10:45. ::

Do you have a URI for yourself? If you are reading this blog and you have the ability to publish stuff on the web, then you can make a FOAF page, and you can give yourself a URI.

A lot of people have published data about themselves without using a URI for themselves. This means I can't refer to them in other data. So please take a minute to give yourself a URI. If you have a FOAF page, you may just have to add rdf:about="" and voila you have a URI (I suggest you use your initials for the last bit). Check it works in the Tabulator.

The URI will start with "http" (so I can look it up using HTTP) and it will have # in it, so the URI of your foaf file is different from the URI for you.

Me, I make my foaf file in N3 and convert it to the foaf file in RDF. that's my choice.

The AWWW says that everything of importance deserves a URI. Go ahead and give yourself a URI. You deserve it!