descriptionFOAF+SSL access control module for mod_python using AIR
ownerIan Jacobi <>
last changeFri, 09 Dec 2011 14:11:24 -0500
2011-12-09 Ian Jacobi Add README default tip
2011-12-09 Ian Jacobi Add RDFa 1.0 support via rdflib
2011-12-08 Ian Jacobi Update TAAC to work with latest WebID spec (Well, RDFa is probably broken)
2010-09-09 jacobi Patches to handle Critical flags and other missing data.
2010-09-08 jacobi Some initial fixes to update TAAC for use with modern FOAF+SSL (mostly removing old unneeded hacks and long-since-deprecated RDFAuth support)
2009-02-05 jacobi Fixed bug in Apache2. Now using PythonFixupHandler.
2009-01-26 jacobi Changes to TAAC to support Apache2
2008-12-12 jacobi Fixed for alternate semantic representation and encoding issues (Henry Story)
2008-11-25 jacobi New ontologies for FOAF+SSL
2008-09-30 jacobi TAAC, now with FOAF+SSL
2011-12-09 5fae17ab29ab default