Workshop on Privacy and Accountability

28-29 June 2006
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT Stata Center (Building 32)
32 Vassar St.Cambridge, MA USA
Held in Classroom 144

Co-sponsored by PORTIA and TAMI projects

Workshop Goals and Scope

workshop attendees: credit: Joe PatoThis workshop will bring together computer scientists, technology developers, lawyers, and other researchers interested in the general issues of accountability for and enforcement of rules for handling sensitive data. The main workshop goals are exchange of information about the state of the art in accountability and enforcement and formulation of research-agenda items, both short- and long-term, in this burgeoning area.

Workshop Materials

  • Program (with links to slides)
  • Summary Report
  • Attendees
  • Photo (click for full-size) [credit: J. Pato]
  • Background

    From the CFP: Increasing use of computers and networks in business, government, recreation, and almost all aspects of daily life has led to a proliferation of sensitive data about people and organizations. Concern about the ownership, control, privacy, and accuracy of these data has become a top priority legally, socially, and technologically. Diverse technologies have been developed to enable anonymous or pseudonymous transactions, thus protecting stakeholders from abuse of their sensitive databy preventing the linkage of their data to their identities. Web standards have been set out to enable better communication of policies and preferences between data collectors and data subjects.

    Despite all of this, policies, anonymizers, and pseudonymizers and even laws cannot be effective without enforcement and accountability.

    Some Questions for Discussion

    Workshop Organization

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