Transparent Accountable Datamining Initiative

The TAMI Project is creating technical, legal, and policy foundations for transparency and accountability in large-scale aggregation and inferencing across heterogeneous information systems. The incorporation of transparency and accountability into decentralized systems such as the Web is critical to help society manage the privacy risks arising from the explosive progress in communications, storage, and search technology. The expansion of government use of large-scale data mining for law enforcement and national security provides a compelling motivation for this work. While other investigations of the impact of data mining on privacy focus on limiting access to data as a means of protecting privacy, a variety of social, political, and technical factors are making it increasingly difficult to limit collection of and access to personal information. The TAMI Project is addressing the risks to privacy protection and the reliability of conclusions drawn from increasing ease of data aggregation from multiple sources by creating methods and technologies for adding increased transparency and accountability of the inferencing and aggregation process itself. The project is developing precise rule languages that are able to express policy constraints and reasoning engines that are able to describe the results they produce.

Selected publications:

Trying out accountability tools under development

Our research is visibile through the above papers and tools that we are developing. We welcome feedback.

Please be aware that this is bleeding edge code intended for demonstration purposes only.

Current status

For current status, see this page and some challenges we are working on.

The following are a few of the scenarios we're working on

This project has close connections with the Policy Aware Web access control project, joint work with the University of Maryland Mindswap project.

This work is supported by the US National Science Foundation Cybertrust (05-518) program.

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