Justification UI of the Tabulator


This document describes how to install and use the Justification UI which provides explanations based on the annotated transaction log. This annotated transaction log is produced by the python implementation of the AIR reasoner.

Quick Start

Install the latest Tabulator release and click on these URIs to have Tabulator present the results of asking the reasoner whether one of these logs is compliant with the relevant policies:


I have assumed that you are using Firefox as your web browser. Apologies if you are not, as the following applications are Firefox extensions.

Running these Extensions from Source

As an alternative to installing the xpis, you can run these applications from the checked out SVN source code. This will ensure you have the latest changes, as this project is currently very active. Just follow these few simple steps.

  1. Find the Firefox "Profile" folder in your system.
  2. If you already have a folder named tabulator@csail.mit.edu and tamisidebar@csail.mit.edu, remove those.
  3. Create a text file named "tabulator@csail.mit.edu" and include the location of the checked out SVN source code in this file. (For e.g. this line could be something like /Users/oshani/dig/2007/tab/ext/.)
  4. Create another file named "tamisidebar@csail.mit.edu", and do the same to include the TAMIsidebar source code. (For e.g. /Users/oshani/dig/TAMI/2007/tamisidebar/.)
  5. Restart Firefox

How to Use


Improvements in Progress

Known Issues