The Tabulator Extension

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Use to get the latest code from the Tabulator Merurial Repo. To install, open the file created in Firefox and follow the instructions.

Tabulator is also hosted on If you download and install from there, it will provide automatic updates through the Firefox Addon Manager. But make sure you register on the site before downloading the extension (Since the extension is hosted in the "Addons Sandbox", it can only be downloaded by registered users). But because Tabulator is still not in a very stable state, we do not push builds to AMO regularly. So, please use, if you would like to play with the bleeding edge code.

Alternatively, you can download and install the some of the old releases from below.

2008-Nov-24: Tabulator Extension Release 0.8.7 (latest)

Install the 0.8.7 release of the Tabulator Extension
foaf pane

This release includes the "FOAF Pane" which lets you explore friends listed on your FOAF file and the instructions on how to create a "Web ID". It is also possible to create your FOAF file with some seed FOAF data on any WebDAV editable space, and add details later on.
For more information on the background on this work please refer to the position paper Decentralization : The Future of Social Networking.

Note: Make sure you turn on "Tools -> Data Browser -> Make Firefox RDF" upon installing the Firefox Extension. This is required because the FOAF ontology is not loaded if the accept header is not set to request RDF, and some labels will not be displayed properly.

(SVN revision level: 25295)

2008-Oct-13: Tabulator Extension Release 0.8.6

Install the 0.8.6 release of the Tabulator Extension

This release includes a hack to fix Tabulator caching. Now it is possible to reload the changes to an RDF document by clicking the Reload/Refresh button on the Firefox toolbar. Earlier you'd have to restart Firefox to see the changes you made.

This version also includes an embryonic version of an application which provides Polciy Based Access Control for tagging photos.

(SVN revision level: 24812)

2008-Aug-06: Tabulator Extension Release 0.8.5

Install the 0.8.5 release of the Tabulator Extension

This is yet another quick bug fix release to support Firefox 3.0.1. The functionalities of Tabulator are not any different than the previous release. The change is only in the install.rdf, where it involves the max Firefox version to be upgraded to 3.0.* from 3.0.0.*.

(SVN revision level: 24812)

2008-June-19: Tabulator Extension Release 0.8.4

Install the 0.8.4 release of the Tabulator Extension

This is a quick bug fix release to support Firefox 3.0. See the corresponding tabulator issue for more information.

(SVN revision level: 24790)

2008-March-20: Tabulator Extension Release 0.8.3

Install the 0.8.3 release of the Tabulator Extension

This release includes the following features:

(SVN revision level: 17446)

2008-Febrary-01: Tabulator Extension Release 0.8.2

Install the 0.8.2 release of the Tabulator Extension

A quick release to get out important enhancement, about HTTP 303:

  • When you followd a link to an object for which the server made 303 HTTP response, the tabulator extension would show you the document about the thing instead of the thing itself.
  • A bug has bem removed which would disrupt the formatting in outline mode, for some things identified by several URIs.
  • When entering new data, a relationship between the current think and some other thing, there is, at the top of the list in the auto-complete menu the "New..." optio which allows you to enter data about something the tabulator hasn't seen in the new session. A new URI is made up for the thing, in the document in which the data is being stored. This functionality has been in some versions, but was not in the last.
  • (SVN revision level: 11864)

    2007-December-31: Tabulator Extension Release 0.8.1

    Install the 0.8.1 release of the Tabulator Extension

    This release is still very alpha. While the old features may be more stable, new ones have been added, which will be less stable. But that's more fun, right? This release:

    28th August, 2007:

    An alpha version of the Tabulator Extension is stil available. This release is still in testing. The edit UI is generally usable, but still allows many edits that should not be allowed. All bugs should be filed under the Tabulator Issue Tracker. For general discussion, head to Tabulator Extension - ESW Wiki.

    Alpha Release: Install the alpha release of the Tabulator Extension


    The Tabulator Extension is an extension for Firefox that provides a human-readable interface for linked data. It is based on the on-line Tabulator, a web-based interface for browsing RDF. Using Tabulator's outline mode, query views, and back-end code, the Tabulator Extension integrates the browsing of linked data directly into the Firefox browser, making for a more natural and seamless experience when browsing linked data on the Web.

    A primary goal of the Tabulator Extension is to explore how linked data could be displayed in the next generation of Web browsers. The extension aims to make linked data human-readable by taking a document and picking out the actual things that the document describes. The properties of these things are the displayed in a table, and then the links in that table can be followed to load more data about other things in other documents.

    The Tabulator Extension was originally developed during Summer 2007 by the Tabulator Team. It is open source under the W3C Software License.


    To install the extension, click the download link in the Releases section.

    Once the extension file is downloaded, it should automatically install. After restarting Firefox, all documents served as application/rdf+xml and text/n3 will be automatically loaded in the extension's outline view. It may be necessary to disable other RDF-related extensions that could override the extension's capture of these documents.


    A tutorial for the Tabulator Extension can be found here: Tabulator Extension Tutorial.