Directed Reading: Web-era Surveillance and the 4th Amendent

Objective Exploring constitutional and statutory approaches to regulating government surveillance and data mining.
Instructors Daniel Weitzner & Hal Abelson
Audience 3rd or 4th year undergraduates or grad students
Prerequisites Permission of the instructor
Format Weekly meetings/chats
This page http://dig.csail.mit.edu/2007/03/4a-reading.html

Draft Schedule

Week Reading Assignment
1: 26 Feb Reno v. ACLU Write a brief of the case
2: 5 March 4th Amendment Background
Explain transition from Olmsted to Katz
3: 12 March 4ht Amendment and new technologies
4: 19 March Third Party Data
-Smith v. Maryland
-Bank Secrey Act case
-CDT Memo
5: 2 April Data mining controversies
-Markle Report
-CAPPS II -> Secure Flight -> ??
9, 16 April Other topics
-DNA evidence
23, 30 April Writing Project Plan and Wrting -abstract and outline
-1st draft
-final draft
25 May Paper due

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