End-to-End Semantic Accountability

Face-to-Face Meeting

DRAFT Agenda

14 (noon)-15 (6pm) October 2007

Meeting Locations:


Coordinates: IRC: irc.freenode.net#tami

Attendees Expected:

Previous meeting agenda



12noon start -- bring your own lunch (no catering available in the building on Sunday :-( )

Day 1 - Sunday

Introduction and agenda genda review


A. AIR Spec and Reasoners with Scenario 0 and Scenario 9 [noon - 2:30 pm]

B. Planned Architecture [3 - 4pm]

C. Future Funding Plans [5-6pm]

7 pm - dinner

Day 2- Monday

D. Overview of System Security Issues (Gerry and Joan) [9:30 - 11am]

E. Draft presentation to government users (ie. DHS privacy officer) (kkw) [11:30-12:30]


F. User Interface design goals [1 - 2pm]

G. Review and solidify code deliverable plans and responsibilities [2-3:30pm]

H. Writing plans [3:30-4:30] (Jim)

I. Action item review and next meeting plans (Danny) [4:30 - 5:00pm]

Required Reading

Danny Weitzner
27 September 2007