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Documenting Classes and Properties

Standard Terms: RDFS and OWL

Informal Documentation

  rdfs:comment """The class of animals designated 
               Canis familiaris (domestic dog).  This
               includes all the dog breeds, but
               not wolves.""";
  rdfs:label "Canis familiaris";
  rdfs:seeAlso <>.


A paragraph or two.


For properties:

For classes:


See @@'s work connecting existing ontologies

Class equivalence



Different and Disjoint

Class Hierarchies

:Man s:subclassOf :Human .
:YoungMan s:subclassOf :Man .
  owl:subClassOf :CanisFamiliaris;   # Dingos are Dogs!

:CanisRufus a owl:Class;
  owl:subClassOf :Canis;
  owl:disjointFrom :CanisFamiliaris;     # Wolves are not Dogs!
  rdfs:label "Red Wolf";
  rdfs:comment """As of 1999 there were about 300 individuals 
               of this endangered species""";
  rdfs:seeAlso <>.

Saying that classes are disjoint can help OWL systems detect input errors and data errors as well as ontology errors.

Domain, Range

:father s:domain :Human; s:range :Man.
:Sara :father :Alan.
:Sara a :Human.  :Alan a :Man.

If the ontology gives the domain and range of properties, then the data doesn't have to give the class of everything.

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