AIR Policy Language - Providing Policy Decisions with Integrated Explanations

Lalana Kagal

29 January 2008

Decentralized Information Group
MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

AIR Policy Language

Importance of Explanations

DenyServiceEvent is not compatible with MA Disability
		  Discrimination Law

Importance of Explanations

DenyServiceEvent is not compatible with MA Disability
		  Discrimination Law
Denial of service based on health information

Dependency Tracking

AIR specifications

  • Each AIR policy consists of one or more rules
    policy = { rule }
  • A rule is made up of a pattern that when matched causes an action to be fired. Optional: description, justification
    rule = { pattern, action [ description justification ]}
  • An action can either be an assertion, which is a set of facts that are added to the knowledge base or a nested rule
    action = { assertion | rule }
     :MyFirstPolicy a air:Policy;
	 air:rule [
	     air:pattern { ... };
	     air:assertion { ... };
	     air:rule [ ... ]
AIR ontology

How AIR fits into our accountability framework

  • Accountability allows violators of applicable privacy policies to be identified and held accountable
  • Privacy usage restrictions and resource access control policies are specified in AIR
  • User's actions within the framework are captured and annotated transaction logs are maintained
  • Policy compliance over transaction logs can be checked using the AIR reasoner

TAMI Architecture

Demo Scenario

  • In order to prevent an epidemic, CDC contacts everyone whom an unconscious tubercolsis patient could have been in contact with
    • people he works with, his choir, the members of his scout troop, people he has called, who have called him
  • CDC gets his phone records from XPhone
  • Sometime later Bob Same has phone troubles and calls XPhone to schedule an appt
  • The customer service operator sees that CDC had obtained his records and infers that he must have some contagious disease
  • So she refuses to schedule a repairman
Scenario 9

MA Disability Discrimination Law

No otherwise qualified handicapped individual shall, solely by reason of his handicap, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any program or activity within the Commonwealth

More info:

:MA_Disability_Discrimination_Policy a air:Policy;
   air:rule [
       air:pattern {
          :EVENT a tami:RefuseRequest;
              tami:reply-to :REQUEST;
              tami:receiver :REQUESTER;
              tami:reason :REASON.
       air:rule [
           air:pattern {
                :REQUEST tami:instruction :INSTRUCTION;
                                    a tami:Request.
                 :INSTRUCTION tami:intended_beneficiary :REQUESTER;
                                    a tami:BenefitInstruction.
                 :REQUESTER tami:location tami:MA.
           air:rule [
               air:pattern { :EVENT a tami:RefuseRequest;
                                tami:reason :REASON.
                             :REASON tami:category tami:HealthInformation };
               air:assert { :EVENT air:non-compliant-with :MA_Disability_Discrimination_Policy }

AIR Demo

AIR Demo Screenshot

Justification UI Screenshot

Recap of AIR features

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