Chapter 3. Event(Data) logs to reason with

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3.1. Example of a simple census data

Before using AIR language to present the policy, we need some document to describe the facts we collected from the domain we want to reason with. These data could be logs from servers or applications. The facts to reasoned with could be customer transactions, database access, failed logins, and many other user/system activities logs that could be important in audit to check if the system or user is compliant to the policy.

Let's start with a simple example with a data file that descirbes a piece of census data assumedly used by some federal agency. It's not a transaction log, however, it does carry enough information for testing AIR policies.

3.1. Example of a simple census data

Facts described in this data

The general flavor of policies is that people belonging to NY state because of their place of residence and/ or if they hold a NY state id.

An example of simple census data