WSRI Challenges - Policy Awareness

Lalana Kagal

Decentralized Information Group
MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Social Policy & Norm Awareness

  • Signs and signals in human society describe expected/optimal behavior
  • Positive/negatives consequences of violating/fulfilling the policy
  • Not always immediately enforceable - depends on type of policy and enforcement mechanism
  • Users can weigh pros & cons and decide best course of action
  • Technological Policy Awareness - how can we develop similar signals in information systems ?

No Parking Traffic Sign
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Technological Policy Awareness

  • Policy infrastructures that help both people and machines ‘play by the rules’ relevant to social interactions
    • Consistent with the way legal rules work
    • Able to capture and reason over security & privacy requirements (good ui)
    • Provide useful explanations
Rules are for handling
					bad people
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Some Technical Challenges

  • Usability
    • Policy authoring
    • Justifications and explanations
    • seamless interaction with existing infrastructures
  • Web-scale policy reasoning and integration
    • Narrow domains such as Flickr as well as large-scale data integration
    • Simple policy languages for web-scale systems as well as expressive languages for smaller systems
  • Policy interoperability
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SW Applications
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