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This page contains links to example applications written with the widget library.


The annotator is a widget for creating and viewing comments about any resource on the Semantic Web. When a user shift+clicks on any item in a page, the annotator traverses through the RDFa embedded on the page to figure out the URI of the resource the user has selected. A set of comments from an annotation source are then displayed in a popup window and, if enabled, an input box for submitting new comments is shown as well. Since data can be accessed cross-domain, different Websites can display the same sets of comments about a given resource, such as a blog post.

Peel Sessions Explorer

The late BBC DJ John Peel recorded thousands of sessions with artists. By combining data from a BBC RDF database containing information about John Peel's recording sessions with DBpedia data about related artists--artists who have members in common, or have collaborated closely, users can find links between artists and explore the songs recorded by various artists over time.