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Army Knowledge Online (AKO) Project


The Army Knowledge Online (AKO) program is, as defined in their executive summary, a portal that "allows soldiers and DA civilians to quickly find and receive the latest knowledge on subjects of their choosing. Portal users gain quick access to Army installation and travel information, training links, the latest Army news, and other knowledge centers across the Army."

It is our contention that to achieve this mission the AKO must use the technologies that have come to be categorized as Semantic Web or Web 3.0, particularly including the Semantic Web languages RDF, RDF Schema and the Web Ontology Language OWL.

Despite the development and maturation of Semantic Web technologies, significant challenges still remain to the deployment of these technologies at the scale needed by AKO or similar organizations. Particularly keen among these are the need for scaling to much larger datasets and knowledge bases than are currently available and the need to create interactive technologies (essentially a Semantic Web read/write browser) that could be used by military personnel to find, analyze and particularly to write or extend AKO data resources on the Web.

This DARPA funded project has three main tasks - (i) Web-scale Reasoning (RPI lead), (ii) Linked-Data Browse and Query Capabilities (MIT lead), and (iii) Identification of DARPA-hard Problems at AKO (RPI and MIT).

The MIT led research is aimed at enabling the creation, linking and querying of data resources at the scale needed by AKO. This will include (i) enabling linked-data browsing in the Tabulator, (ii) adding read/write capabilities for both data and policies in the Tabulator, (iii) allowing linked data to be queried in the Tabulator, (iv) using the Tabulator to create linked data from structured data in CSV or other such formats and to embed metadata in non-data assets, and (v) working with RPI to identify possible opportunities for Semantic Web technologies at AKO as well as identify hard problems to be solved in developing and deploying "Web 3.0" capabilities for AKO.



This proposal is funded by DARPA and the team is lead by RPI with MIT as a subcontractor.


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