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Past Projects

The AFOSR funded project titled Secure SW Federation is focussed on developing protocols and technologies to support secure federation systems for the Semantic Web that will enable large-scale dynamic aggregation across heterogeneous secure sources that use different policy languages to authorize access.

The use of Private Information Retrieval (PIR) techniques enable a client to retrieve items from a co-operating database without revealing either the query or the items being retrieved. In order to prevent clients from accessing information they are not authorized to access, it must be possible to prove that the queries being posed are compliant with a set of privacy policies previously agreed upon by the client and server. This IARPA funded project on Policy Assurance for PIR Queries deals with proving that queries made by the client conform to mandated policies and that leakage of sensitive information is not possible.

The Fusion Center project supports information sharing at Fusion Centers using accountability techniques developed in our lab and is funded by DHS. This information sharing requires the ability to represent and evaluate the interaction of policies over information from multiple sources, governed by laws from different jurisdictions, with the real possibility that applicable laws might either conflict or lead to inconclusive results.

Policy Aware Web, funded by NSF, a collaboration between MINDSWAP and DIG to work toward creating discretionary, rules-based access for the World Wide Web.

Semantic Web Advanced Development, funded by DARPA under the DAML program, creating and distributing core components that form the basis for the Semantic Web.

Semantic Web Application Platform for the Mobile Ecosystem (SwapMe), funded by Nokia Research Center, is a joint project of MIT CSAIL and Nokia Research Center Cambridge. The goals of SwapMe are to build systems that offer users flexible, content-, and policy-aware means to access and manipulate information and environments.

SIMILE, funded by the Mellon Foundation, is a joint project conducted by the W3C, MIT Libraries, and MIT CSAIL. SIMILE seeks to enhance inter-operability among digital assets, schemata / vocabularies / ontologies, metadata, and services.

The Transparent Accountable Datamining Initiative (TAMI) Project, funded by NSF, is creating technical, legal, and policy foundations for transparency and accountability in large-scale aggregation and inferencing across heterogeneous information systems.

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