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Current Projects

In the Punya project, we are investigating Mobile Humanitarian Technologies as a way to help co-ordinate information and relief efforts during disaster management.

The Accountable Information Usage project is funded by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and is aimed developing systems in which the flow of information can be tracked, where all participants are provided machine-understandable policies about information sharing and use, and where automated processes can check that the sharing and use of information complies with institutional policies.

We are working on an NSF-funded project that deals with Policy Compliant Integration of Linked Data. Sensitive data about us is constantly being collected by devices, organizations, and individuals. This multi-university collaborative project seeks to address the immediate concern of how to fuse, integrate and analyze data while respecting privacy, security and usage concerns.

The Tabulator project is a generic Semantic Web data browser, which provides a way to browse RDF data.

The NSF funded project on the Theory and Practice of Accountable Systems (TPAS) investigates computational and social properties of information networks necessary to provide reliable assessments of compliance with rules and policies governing the use of information.

The Army Knowledge Online project funded by DARPA is aimed at enabling the creation, linking and querying of data resources at the scale needed by AKO. This will include tasks such as (i) adding read/write capabilities for both data and policies in the Tabulator, (ii) allowing linked data to be queried in the Tabulator, (iii) using the Tabulator to create linked data from structured data in CSV or other such formats and to embed metadata in non-data assets, and (iv) working with RPI to identify possible opportunities for Semantic Web technologies at AKO as well as identify hard problems to be solved in developing and deploying "Web 3.0" capabilities for AKO.

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