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Policy Compliant Integration of Linked Data


The ubiquity of computing technology and the Internet have created an age of big data that has the potential to greatly enhance the efficiency of our societies and the well-being of all people. The trend comes with problems that threaten to prevent or undermine the benefits. An immediate concern is how to fuse, integrate and analyze data while respecting privacy, security and usage concerns. A second issue is allowing data to remain distributed, enabling its owners to maintain and control quality as well as to enforce security and privacy policies. access and usage policies A final underlying challenge is helping to produce sound and useful results by assuring that systems understand the meaning of the data being integrated and analyzing. For some domains, like health informatics and clinical research, solving these problems will have a significant impact on society.

This multi-university collaborative project will explore an approach to solving these problems by developing a policy-compliant integration system for Linked Data. The system will model data, schemas and policies using open Web standards such as Semantic Web languages, federate queries to independent Linked Data stores based on content, provide policy enforcement by modifying incompliant queries, and use formal methods to guarantee correctness of key components. It will demonstrate the result on a realistic example involving the integration and analysis of healthcare information.



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