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Wow! What a week! And the winner is...

Thanks to all - instructors, coaches, organizers, and especially students - for an awesome first Linked Data Product Development Lab!

The winner is LocalFocus - Zach (UT), Gladis (MIT), and Francis (Phanai Media Group):
winning team picture
Picture by: Reed Sturtevant / CC BY 2.0

Honorable mention to OpenChart - Steve (MIT), Filip (Harvard), and David (MIT)

Some pictures from the awards presentation can be found here. More pictures, video, project information, and more coming soon!

What are you doing for IAP?

Google and Facebook began on college campuses.

Take advantage of this opportunity to build the next killer app!

Apply asap for consideration! Limited seats available; additional audit seats being considered.

Program in a nutshell


Course will be held 9am to 5pm from January 11th - 15th in MIT room number 4-370