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Berners-Lee, Tim

3Com Founders Professor of Engineering, MIT

Director, Decentralized Information Group ( DIG), CSAIL, MIT

Professor, Electronics and Computer Science Department, University of Southampton, UK

A graduate of Oxford University, England, in 1989, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, an internet-based hypermedia initiative for global information sharing while at CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory. He wrote the first web client and server in 1990. His specifications of URIs, HTTP and HTML were refined as Web technology spread.

He is the Director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), a Web standards organization founded in 1994 which develops interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) to lead the Web to its full potential. He is a founding Director of the Web Science Trust (WST) launched in 2009 to promote research and educaton in Web Science, the multidisciplinary study of humanity connected by technology.

He is also a Director of the World Wide Web Foundation, launched in 2009 to fund and coordinate efforts to further the potential of the Web to benefit humanity.

In 2001 he became a Fellow of the Royal Society. He has been the recipient of several international awards including the Japan Prize, the Prince of Asturias Foundation Prize, the Millennium Technology Prize and Germany's Die Quadriga award. In 2004 he was knighted by H.M. Queen Elizabeth and in 2007 he was awarded the Order of Merit. In 2009 he was elected a foreign associate of the National Academy of Sciences. He is the author of "Weaving the Web".

In June 2009 Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced Sir Tim will work with the UK Government to help make data more open and accessible on the Web, building on the work of the Power of Information Task Force.

Anderson, Howard

Porter (1967) Senior Lecturer of Entrepreneurship

Senior Lecturer, MIT Entrepreneurship Center

Howard Anderson is the founder of The Yankee Group and the Co-Founder of Battery Venture Capital. At MIT, he teaches 15.390 New Enterprises, 15.398 Companies at the Crossroads, 15.386 Managing in Adversity and 15.387 High Technology Sales and Sales Management.

He sits on several high technology boards in the communications, computing, and advanced materials industries. He recently was voted on of the top 25 people in the communications industry by Network World. His commentary can often be read in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine and Technology Investor.

Aulet, William

Acting Director, MIT Entrepreneurship Center

Bill Aulet is a highly accomplished business leader who has raised over $100 million in funding for his companies and directly created hundreds of millions of dollars of market value. He started his career with eleven years at IBM and then became a serial entrepreneur running two MIT spinouts as the President/CEO of both Cambridge Decision Dynamics and then SensAble Technologies, a 2 time Inc. Magazine 500 Fastest Growing Private Company featured in the nation’s most prestigious business publications. Following these successes, Bill was recruited as CFO of Viisage Technology, a security technology company with a dual focus in the areas of drivers' licenses and facial recognition, and contributed to the turnaround from losing $2.4M per quarter to a publicly traded company with a 10x increase in valuation to $500 million. He is a Senior Lecturer at Sloan, serves on the boards of directors or advisors of a number of highly innovative companies, and Chairman of the MIT Clean Energy Prize. He earned his undergraduate engineering degree at Harvard and was an MIT Sloan Fellow, earning an MMS in 1994.

Bator, Shannon

Independent User Experience Designer

Shannon has many years of relevant and successful experience. She worked at Microsoft’s FUSE (Future Social Experience) Labs. Prior to that, she was the Director, Designs and User Experience at, a social networking and social media site for people 50 and older, where she led the succesful research for and design of the User Interface from concept to completion of eleven applications in four months for launch. She has also been a designer and human factors engineer at GE Healthcare IT,,, WGBH, and Reebok. She holds an MS from Bentley University in Human Factors and Information Design and a BS in Multimedia Arts and Graph Design from Northeastern University.

Donoghue, Karen

Founder, Human Logic

Karen is a User Experience Design for wireless/mobile devices and web. She is an expert in all aspects of user-centered design practices shown below. She has a strong portfolio of world-class, innovative networked consumer experiences spanning the web, mobile and wireless She is experienced working independently and as a member of development teams working collaboratively with product management, product design, and engineering, in both startup and large company settings. Hands-on design leader and inventor on several software patents. She earned her MS at MIT’s Media Lab and published the first business book linking online user experience to profitability.

Feigenbaum, Lee

VP Technology & Standards, Cambridge Semantics

Lee Feigenbaum is a leading expert in Semantic Web technologies and their applicability to enterprise IT challenges. Prior to co-founding Cambridge Semantics, Lee spent over five years as an engineer with IBM's Advanced Internet Technology Group, with experiences spanned knowledge management and annotation systems, instant-messaging software, and Web-based client application runtimes. For over three years, Lee helped architect and develop successive iterations of a semantic application architecture, culminating in the 2006 open-source release of the IBM Semantic Layered Research Platform. Now, Lee applies his expertise in semantic middleware and applications to the technologies and customers of Cambridge Semantics. Lee is an active member of the W3C Semantic Web standards community, and currently serves as the Chair of the W3C's RDF Data Access Working Group, leading the design of the semantic-data query language, SPARQL. Lee is also the developer of Glitter, a SPARQL query engine designed specifically to meet the challenges of integrating heterogeneous data scattered across an enterprise. Lee is a 2001 graduate of Harvard University. He writes about Semantic Web technologies at his blog, TechnicaLee Speaking.

Jacobi, Ian

Ph.D. Candidate, DIG, CSAIL

Ian joined MIT in 2008, after earning hi s B.S. in Computer Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He has applications development experience with a particular focus on ASP.NET technology. Limited experience with developing internet-based systems. His specialties are Python, Ruby, Rails, .NET, ASP.NET, XML, HTML, CSS, C, C++, C#, Java, web development, Linux, OS X

Kagal, Lalana

Deputy Director, Decentralized Information Group (DIG)

Research Scientist, MIT CSAIL

Dr. Kagal is the creator of the AIR policy language which is used in many of the DIG projects and prototypes. Her current research focus is on policy-based frameworks and protocols for security and privacy on the Web and on improving transparency and accountability of knowledge inference across heterogeneous information systems. She has authored over 40 peer-reviewed publications and contribute actively to the research community by organizing conferences and workshops and participating in program committees and discussion panels. She received PhD and MS degrees in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and BS and MS degrees in Computer Science from the University of Pune, India.

Prud'hommeaux, Eric

Technology & Society, W3C

Eric joined W3C again in February 1998 to provide system support and manage tool programming. He currently works on RDF and XML protocols. His primary goal is to see that information be easily and logically accessible. Prior to joining W3C full-time, Eric worked as a contract programmer for various organizations, including W3C, where he worked on libwww and the client applications, a PEP model library, and several system-related projects. Eric has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Rae, Katie

Sr. Director, Product, Microsoft Startup Labs

Katie has focused on Product development and management for more than a decade. Previously Katie was the Product SVP at, VP for Community and communications at Terra Lycos, General Manager for at AltaVista and Product Manager at Zip2. She holds an MBA in Strategy from Yale University and a BA in Biology from Oberlin College.

Seneviratne, Oshani

Ph.D. Candidate, DIG, CSAIL

Oshani is a PhD student at the Decentralized Information Group at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She received her Masters in Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2009, and B.Sc (Hons) in Computer Science from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka in 2007. Her research interests are on linked open data, and policy aware systems for the semantic web. She is also a committer for several Apache projects including Apache Forrest, Woden and Axis2.

Sturtevant, Reed*

Co-chair, Linked Data Development Lab

Technology Entrepreneur

Reed Sturtevant has successfully sparked an impressive array of entrepreneurial ventures. He was recently Founding Director of Microsoft Startup Labs. Before that, he was Chief Technology Officer of EONS, Inc., Managing Director and Vice President of Technology for Idealab, where he was founding CTO or CEO of several companies, co-founder of Radnet and RadioAMP. He began his career as architect and designer of Freelance Graphics, a best selling presentation package acquired by Lotus Development in 1986. Reed was an innovative force at Lotus where he served as a key member of the senior technical staff and launched many products including InterNotes, Lotus' first web product.

Swick, Ralph

Chief Operating Officer, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Ralph joined W3C in January 1997, to focus on the Privacy and Demographics project, has worked on P3P, the Metadata project, Resource Description Framework (RDF), Semantic Web, and led the Technology and Society Domain. Previously, he was the Technical Director for the X Window System at X Consortium and a software engineer for Digital Equipment Corporation where he worked on information filtering tools (software agents) and computer-supported cooperative work tools and at MIT Project Athena. Ralph holds a BS in Physics and Mathematics from Carnegie-Mellon University. Ralph's interests are in applications of Web technologies to support human-human interaction, especially over time and distance.

Waterman, K. Krasnow*

Linked Data Development Lab, Co-chair

Visiting Fellow, DIG, CSAIL, MIT

CEO, LawTechIntersect, LLC

K. Krasnow Waterman has had dual careers in technology management and the practice of law. She worked as a Chief Information Officer, Chief Operations executive, and Attorney (in-house advisor and trial counsel). She now divides her time between research on web-scale, policy-aware, accountable systems as a Visiting Fellow at the MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab and work as a private consultant, primarily in enterprise architecture, privilege management, information retrieval, and technology policy. K was an MIT Sloan Fellow, earned her law degree at Cardozo School of Law, and her BA at the University of Pennsylvania.

Workshop Organizers

Aulet, William

see, Instructors

Mather, Chris

Chris Mather is pursuing an MBA at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and is a principal in a new start-up venture. Previously, he was Program Manager at Planet Technologies, a leader in the integration and customization of Microsoft technologies, architecture, security, and management consulting. Prior to that, he was an Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton. Creator,

Pacheco, Jose

Program Manager, MIT Entrepreneurship Center

José Pacheco works closely with the Managing Director, Chairman and other members of the E-Center’s team to build, develop and sustain the E-Center’s research and educational programs, events, publications, alumni outreach, and networking activities. He promotes the MIT Entrepreneurship Center’s courses, programs and activities throughout MIT, manages relations with MIT faculty, students and alumni, as well as entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and private and corporate donors.

Sturtevant, Reed*

Co-chair, Linked Data Development Lab

see, Instructors

Waterman, K. Krasnow*

Co-chair, Linked Data Development Lab

see, Instructors

Additional Coaches

Fong, Liz

Site Reliability Engineer, Google

Liz has been applying her skills as a systems administrator and software engineer for over five years at organizations ranging the gamut from volunteer-run student groups to large tech companies. Her expertise is in distributed systems, infrastructure, and scalability. She currently works on Google Book Search and on BigTable, Google's massively distributed database system. In the past few years, she has taught courses on game design, programming, and Google App Engine. She is fluent in Java and Python, and is a Linux ninja. She is currently on sabbatical from completing her bachelor's degree in computer science at Caltech.

Hollenbach, James

M.Eng. Cand., DIG, CSAIL, MIT

Tabulator guru

Marstall, Chris

Creator, tourfilter

Chris Marstall is a veteran software engineer and architect who's shipped dozens of software products and services in multiple languages. For the last four years he's worked primarily in Ruby on Rails, during which time he's worked in senior engineering roles on four Rails sites, including and Chris' primary preoccupation is, a Rails concert-tracking website and Facebook app he founded in 2006, which has been recognized by Billboard, Rolling Stone, and many other publications, in addition to being nominated for a 2007 Webby Award. Chris is an expert in, and can help you with, Ruby, Rails, Regexp, Java, C++, MySQL, Linux administration, CSS+HTML and Ajax. He's also conversant with many social media APIs, including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Bing and Echonest. A particular area of focus is using regular expressions to parse HTML.

Pato, Joe

Visiting Fellow, DIG, CSAIL

Distinguished Technologist, HP Labs

Joe previously served as Chief Technology Officer for Hewlett-Packard's Internet Security Solutions Division. Pato's research in the Systems Security Lab focuses on creating a trustworthy information system environment in the face of challenges such as the growth of organized cyber-crime and the rapid adoption of social networking tools and cloud-based services. Joe is also a founder and former board member of the IT-ISAC (IT Sector Information Sharing and Analysis Center). He has participated on several IEEE, ANSI, NIST, Department of Commerce, W3C, FSTC, and COSE standards or advisory committees and previously co-chaired the OASIS Technical Committee, which developed SAML.. In recent years, he has been a co-instructors in MIT’s 6.805, Ethics and Law on the Electronic Frontier. He also serves as chair of the National Research Council Computer Science and Telecommunications Board Committee Whither Biometrics studying the challenges facing widespread use of biometrics in security applications. He previously served as a key member of CSTB’s Committee that produced the Who Goes There? Authentication Through the Lens of Privacy report. Pato’s graduate work was in Computer Science at Brown University.

Phan, Francis

Founder, Phanai Media Group

As a technologist, Francis specializes in user interface software development and is presently programming Flex and iPhone applications. Francis has been involved in work for Disney World, Boston Museum of Science, Antrhopologie, Sprint, Alltel Wireless and Borders Books. Francis has degrees in electrical engineering and biomedical engineering where he did his thesis work in psychoacoustics, neural networks and speech recognition. His research was published for a graduate level textbook by CRC press. He has also developed audio software for Cakewalk, iCast and Harmonix Music (makers of video game Rock Band) where he has credits for the Sony PlayStation 2 game “Frequency”. Francis is also a Boston based record producer. He is a co-founder of the Hip-Hop production group “The Jugganautz” and is the inaugural recipient of the New England Urban Music Awards Producer of The Year. He also serves on the advisory board of a non profit media organization and has been commissioned to write and produce music for fundraising events for advocacy groups, has produced critically acclaimed albums and produced TV show theme songs for BET-J.

Rosen, Brad

Founder, Drync LLC

Brad is an entrepreneur and technologist with expertise in bringing innovative technologies to market. Currently Brad runs Drync LLC, which he Founded in 2008 to build mobile applications for the “gourmet consumables” space. Drync Wine is currently the top downloaded wine app on the iPhone platform. Prior to Drync, Brad ran the Products group at uLocate Communications where he launched the WHERE product for iPhone, one of the most frequently downloaded apps on the iPhone. Before uLocate Brad founded Zync, Inc. - a social recommendations firm that he sold in 2008. And before Zync Brad was involved with 4 venture backed startups in the speech recognition, media streaming, consumer web, and wireless data spaces. Brad has an MBA from MIT Sloan, and an Electrical Engineering BS from Boulder Colorado.

Sandler, Dan

Software Engineer, Google

Daniel Sandler is an currently an engineer on the Android team at Google, contributing to the Java application frameworks and system user interface. In 2009 he received his PhD from Rice University, where his research included secure electronic voting and scalable peer-to-peer notification systems. Previously he worked at Palm and Be on their respective operating systems.


Bao, Jie


Dr. Jie Bao received his Ph.D. in computer science from the Iowa State University in 2007. At ISU, his research interests included semantic data integration, modeling modular ontologies, collaborative ontology building and Web privacy protection. From 2008 to present, Dr. Bao is a postdoctoral research associate at the Tetherless World Constellation, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he worked on a variety of topics in social semantic web, semantic wikis, ontology integrity constraint languages, policy formulation and scalable reasoning with Web ontologies. He is a member of the OWL Working Group at W3C.

Bobrow, Robert

BBN Technologies

Mr. Robert Bobrow is a Lead Scientist at BBN with over three decades experience in building and applying knowledge representation systems, developing innovative human-machine interfaces, integrating state-of-the-art visualization techniques, and language understanding capabilities. He played a key role in the development of the first description logic systems (KL-ONE and its descendants) and their applications to natural language parsing and representation. Recently he has led projects to develop and field operational systems that produce OWL representations of the content of free text aviation safety messages (NOTAMS), allowing mission planning systems to reason about hazards to flight and restricted airspace. He is currently a member of an ISO working group developing standards for representation of spatial information in natural language texts. He has developed novel techniques based on human motion perception for visualizing complex information (large networks and high-dimensional data), and holds several key patents in this area. In collaboration with Eric Neumann of Clinical Semantics Group he is leading an effort to apply these techniques to biomedical and pharmaceutical data, and in the process has developed new tools to facilitate retrieval, integration and visualization of the linked data of the semantic web.

Brinker, Scott

ion interactive, President, CTO, and Chief Marketing Technologist (Business Value)

Scott is a marketing technologist with more than 20 years experience at the intersection of marketing, IT, software product development, and online networks. He is currently the president & CTO of ion interactive, a company that delivers post-click marketing software and services. Previously, he ran a technology consultancy with clients such as Fujitsu, CBS Sportsline, Siemens, and Tribune. Before that, he was president of Galacticomm, a leading provider of bulletin board software (in the days before the Web). He has a BS in Computer Science from Columbia University and earned an MBA as an MIT Sloan Fellow.

Corlosquet, Stéphane

Drupal for RDF (Tools Demonstration)

Software Engineer, MassGeneral Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease, MGH.

Stéphane Corlosquet has been the main driving force in incorporating Semantic Web capabilities into the Drupal CMS. His RDF CCK and evoc modules for Drupal 6 have naturally evolved to be accepted as standard within the core of the upcoming Drupal 7. He co-authored the ISWC 2009 "Best Semantic Web In Use Paper" titled Produce and Consume Linked Data with Drupal!.

Since joining the Drupal community in 2005, Stéphane has contributed many patches to Drupal core and he is a member of the Drupal security team.

Stéphane recently finished an M.Sc. in Semantic Web at the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), Ireland and joined MassGeneral Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease (MIND), MGH as Software Engineer to work on the Science Collaboration Framework, a Drupal-based distribution to build online communities of researchers in biomedecine.


New York Times

Leary, Alex


Alex Leary (Sloan '09) is a product manager at TripIt focusing on building tools with partners and revenue product with consumer, partners, and advertisers. At MIT Sloan Alex focused on multiplatform disruptive technologies in the classroom and in project and intern work. Prior to MIT Sloan he was a product manager for Intuit focusing on online banking products for consumer accounting software maker Intuit and holds a BA in Government from Harvard.

Neumann, Eric

Clinical Semantics Group

Eric K. Neumann is Executive Director of the Clinical Semantics Group, a consulting firm that advices on and develops intelligent clinical systems for the pharmaceutical industry based on applications of semantic standards. He has also been a co-chair of the W3C Semantic Web Healthcare and Life Science Interest Group (HCLSIG). Dr. Neumann was Global Head of Knowledge Management for Scientific and Medical Affairs within Sanofi-Aventis, which covered all functions of global R&D. In 2005, Dr. Neumann developed BioDash, the first Drug Discovery Semantic Web dashboard, and is currently working on technologies for the rapid mapping of legacy databases onto Enterprise Semantic Infrastructures. Dr. Neumann is an expert in knowledge-based methods for the pharmaceutical industry, going back two decades while at Bolt, Beranek, and Newman. Dr. Neumann holds an S.B. degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a PhD in neurobiology and developmental genetics from Case Western Reserve University.

Presbrey, Joe

CTO, Qwobl

Presbrey graduated MIT in 2009 after completing his undergraduate thesis project with Tim Berners-Lee. Prior to founding Qwobl, a Semantic Search company, he founded Sconex, a social networking website for high-school students acquired by Alloy Inc. At MIT, Presbrey introduced several linked data projects including SPARUL in Tabulator and Apache, FOAF+SSL authentication and authorization modules for Apache, and, an RDF bridge to MIT's global principal and ACL database. He also created and led the technical design and deployment of and, a web and database infrastructure supporting over 2500 MIT research groups, faculty and students, and, an HTTP/IPP interface to MIT's Athena clusters.

Salimath, Rajiv

GIV Venture Partners

Rajiv Salimath is a Partner at the VC firm GIV Venture Partners. Rajiv is currently managing several executive management functions at Knewco, a Semantic Web based In-text Knowledge Discovery company. He was the President and CEO of Amperion Inc., a company that pioneered in hybrid broadband solutions for smart grid networks. He was a part of the core teams of disruptive web application companies like Musambi Corp. and ProactiveNet. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Bangalore University and is a Fellow of the Melton Foundation, an Indian National Scholar and an AMTI Math Scholar. He is also a Board Director of non-profits Melton Foundation and PeaceXPeace.


Berners-Lee, Tim

Finkelstein, Alex

General Partner, Spark Capital

Alex has led Spark’s investments in 5min, 8D World, Linkwell, and Altius Education. Prior to joining Spark Capital, Alex was the creator and producer of a number of television shows and Internet properties that he sold to major networks, including FOX, E!, Discovery, ITV1 (U.K.) and Yahoo. Alex’s shows all had major product integration components and were sold in partnership with Fortune 500 brands. Previously Alex was a Principal at Seed Capital Partners, an early-stage venture capital firm that was formed in partnership with Softbank. Before joining Seed Capital Partners, Alex was an Associate at GrandBanks Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm that was also formed in partnership with Softbank. Alex also worked at Cambridge Associates, where he served as a Senior Venture Capital Research Associate and Senior Consulting Associate. Alex Finkelstein holds a BA in political science from Middlebury College.

Pentland, Alex (Sandy)

Toshiba Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, MIT Media Lab

Professor Alex "Sandy" Pentland is a pioneer in organizational engineering, mobile information systems, and computational social science. Pentland's focus is on the development of human-centered technology, and the creation of ventures that take this technology into the real world. His work provides people with a clearer picture of their social environments, and helps companies and communities to reinvent themselves to be both more human and more productive.

Pentland oversees the Next Billion Network, established to support aspiring entrepreneurs in emerging markets, and the EPROM entrepreneurship program in Africa. He is among the most-cited computer scientists in the world, and in 1997 Newsweek magazine named him one of the 100 Americans likely to shape this century. He is the former co-director of the Digital Life consortium, a group of more than twenty multinational corporations exploring new ways to innovate. His book, Honest Signals: How They Shape Our World was published in 2008 by the MIT Press.

Shinn, Brian

Serial Web Entrepreneur

Brian Shin is currently founder and CEO of Visible Measures, the independent third-party measurement firm for Internet video publishers, advertisers, and viral marketers. Brian has co-founded several successful Internet software companies, including web-based collaboration technology vendor Creative Aspects, which was acquired by Medsite Inc. (now WebMD); and The Cambridge Intelligence Agency, a Web-based e-mail response management solution provider that was acquired by marketing services company MSGi. Brian also co-founded technology strategy consulting firm Infraweb, Inc., where he served as President, and was an early member of the team at Allaire Corp. which went public in 1999 and was subsequently acquired by Macromedia.

Westerling, Austin

Charles River Ventures

Austin joined Charles River Ventures in early 2000 and is a Partner focused on making investments in consumer and enterprise software & services. He is currently a Director of LiveGamer, EnterpriseDB, Aveksa, Mochila and Eons. Prior to joining CRV, Austin advised a variety of technology companies on strategic, operational and financial issues at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Austin also has experience with Analysis Group Economics/Integral, Inc. and the New England Consulting Group. Austin holds a dual BA degrees with distinction in Psychology and Economics from Yale University.