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Monday, 11th 2010

Install Tabulator Firefox Extension.

Download Jena, and configure your Java programming environment to use Jena. Here's a beginner's guide to setup Jena on Eclipse.


Morning Session III: Ian Jacobi's Making A FOAF File

Afternoon Session I: Semantic Web Concepts and Serializations

Afternoon Session II: Semantic Web coding with Jena

Afternoon Session III: Ontology Development

Afternoon Session IV: Publishing and Consuming Linked Data

Tuesday, 12th 2010

Download the swobjects tool.


Morning Session I:
Business Value of Linked Data, K. Krasnow Waterman
Marketing with Linked Data, Scott Brinker
The New York Times Linked Open Data, Evan Sandhaus

Morning Session II: SPARQL

Afternoon Session III: Suggestions for brainstorming resources:
W3C's ESW Wiki (search "tools", "data", etc)
Linked Data Cloud (July 09)

Wednesday, 13th 2010

Morning Session I:
Stéphane Corlosquet explains that Drupal 7 (alpha release on Friday) will automatically produce rdfa
When Drupal and RDF meet, Stéphane Corlosquet
Problem Solving using Semantic Search with Unstructured Data, Joe Presbrey (See also: Rasqal (Redland) python bindings)
The S*QL plugin for Cytoscape, Rusty Bobrow and Eric Neumann
Semantic MediaWiki: a Wiki-based Semantic Web Workbench, Jie Bao

Morning Session II: Ian Jacobi's Building An App

Thursday, 14th 2010

Morning Session I:
Business Planning Principles and Applications, William K. Aulet
Sample Elevator Pitch

Afternoon Session I:
Questions about data sources? Try asking the SemWeb Interest Group anytime. Use Internet Relay Chat (IRC), FreeNode network, channel #swig

Friday, 15th 2010

Morning Session I:
The Semantic Web:Assessing viability: What did we learn from 1.0 and 2.0, Howard Anderson

SPARQL Tip from Lee: If you have access to any publicly-facing machine, it is not difficult to setup something like Joseki (part of Jena), load the RDF data in, and have a new SPARQL endpoint up and running without much trouble.